The ultimate thrill comes from Formula One racing for those who enjoy watching motorsports. The adrenaline builds up over the weekend until the lights turn green on race day. Enthusiastic fans will be glued to their sofa, watching every twist and turn unfold, hoping their favorite driver gets past the checkered flag first. There could be drama at any minute of the race, even in the pit stops, as the technicians rush to change the wheels in record time.

The Weekend Starts Here

Motorsports fans know that there is more to Formula One than the race on Sunday. The build-up starts on Friday with the final practice sessions. To take full advantage of the excitement, it is better to get your household tasks out of the way before you settle down to watch. Looking after your plants should be one of your priorities. No doubt, you already know how to water bromeliads, but it is worth taking a look at the Planta app for extra advice.

The Saturday Qualifying Sessions

The weekend of racing continues with the Saturday qualifying sessions, and these determine who will get that coveted pole position. It can be nerve-racking waiting for it to start, and you should take your mind off it and focus on something else. Have a scroll through the Planta app and see how much you can learn about your indoor plants. Not only does it tell you how to water bromeliads, but there is a feature that allows you to identify plants simply by taking a photo of them.

Sunday Race Day

Finally, the day of the race is here, and it’s time to see who will emerge victorious. The majority of the races take place in the afternoon, but some of them are in the evening, which gives a surreal air to the race track as it is lit with floodlights. Have one final look at your houseplants to check they are thriving, then grab your favorite beverage and settle down for the entertainment. The first corner is the trickiest part of the race, and you don’t want to miss any of the action.

The Formula One season typically runs from March to November and consists of 22 races, 10 teams, and 20 drivers. Motorsports fans will undoubtedly have much to talk about throughout the year, and there are bound to be some controversies!