The term motorsports covers everything from go-karting to Formula One, and the events are watched by millions of enthusiasts. Of course, speed is of the essence, and there is a high risk of crashing when racing. The driver’s safety is of the utmost importance, and wearing a helmet is a regulation that is rigorously enforced. Undoubtedly, many lives have been saved over the years through the use of a helmet.

The Helmet Should Fit Tightly

For the helmet to work, it needs to fit tightly so as not to come loose during an accident. This can be somewhat uncomfortable, especially around the eye area. When you watch a driver remove their helmet after a race, you can often see an imprint of the helmet on their skin. To ensure the eye area doesn’t suffer long-term damage from the tight-fitting headgear, it is recommended to use retinol eye serum at night as this can energize the skin.

Why a Helmet is Necessary

Statistics reveal that a helmet reduces the impact of an accident by up to 50%. It protects the brain, face, and neck, and should include sturdy foam cushioning. The foam fits snugly around the face and can make the driver uncomfortably hot and tired. Drivers need to protect the delicate eye area that may feel somewhat compressed by the foam. The use of a retinol eye serum from Verso can target any apparent signs of aging caused by the continued use of a helmet, and it also removes any unattractive puffiness.

The Risk of Fire in an Accident

A unique factor to be considered when comparing motorcycle and motorsports helmets is the necessity to withstand fire in an accident. For example, a Formula One driver could be trapped in his vehicle. The lining around the visor is actually designed to melt to ensure the helmet is sealed against the fire. However, the area around the eyes may suffer from the intense heat and will need nightly use of retinol eye serum from Verso to repair any damaged skin.

The importance of a helmet should not be overlooked.